The Last Time The Japanese Attacked The USA Was By Balloons.

The Last Time The Japanese Attacked The USA Was By Balloons.

The last time the japanese attacked the usa was by balloons,

This is 3 months before the surrender of Japan in the second world war, on 5 May 1945, when the news of the death of 6 people came from Balai city of Oregon state of USA based on the information of the witnesses present at the time of the incident. Where did they go that the huge balloons filled with ammo burst out on the people who died, that is why the army took the investigation into the case of their immediate death, at this time they had no idea that this balloon was 6000 feet The group of balloons flying at high altitudes were balloons that dropped ammo bags from the sky and were released from an island in Japan for us

 In recent years, these pieces of war have been found from the northwest coastlines of Alaska and Mexico. In the year 2001, the attack of balloons by September 11 was the last attack on American land. Historians tell friends that in World War II, American If there was an attack on the ground, it was this attack

Most of the people who died due to the explosion of these balloons were having a picnic, so it becomes even more interesting that they said that it was not a single us or a part of that complicated attack which also had more Weapons were included which could cross the Pacific Ocean and be transported to America and create fear among people here.

 How the plan was made and how the plan was implemented and why the plan failed The leadership general was preparing to make a new plan

Coin Who says that the air flow in the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of America and the geographical location of the region was fully aware, according to Ambika's media that the food was eaten that Japan aimed to fire in the forests of the west coast of America. Applying so that the people of this place get scared and start living in panic, they also said that by dropping ammo into the balloon through the balloon and leaving it on the land of America to do it, it will spread pain among the people of America.

According to old US military documents, the balloons were 10 meters wide and 20 meters high, and hydrogen gas was filled in the balloons, and also said that Japan took advantage of the Pacific Ocean's air flow to release them to the Japanese. Knew that the air flow of the Pacific Ocean would take those balloons directly to America.

Old American documents show that these balloons were made of very light paper, with sensors mounted bombs, their tubes were filled with ammo and at the same time they were installed with activation devices on the bars. He was able to fly to altitude and this balloon was able to fly for 7.5 kilometers at a time. Who says that according to the time it is a technical inter and military project that today only few countries have at that time. Could not even imagine the attack

Where this project can be thwarted in a big way, but it cannot be denied that good people in America have been completely killed with the help of King products. The history written by InguBoon can never be forgotten by the Japanese. These balloons were named fugo. The Japanese word was the first letter of the word Sushnan which meant balloon and brother coat which was a code of all weapons built inside this laboratory. The Queen says that the Japanese were not stupid. They took about 10,000 balloons for weeks. Thousands of balloons have been released and they have been released in the hope that 10% of them will reach at least American land and will fulfill our objectives.

The Japanese knew that the air flow in the Pacific Ocean between November and March was very fast. They had chosen this time to release the balloons. All the balloons that fell on the ground caught fire and they exploded according to military experts. Or said that these balloons could have caused a huge fire in the forests

According to the information received so far, this attack of balloons took place in May 1945. The history paper says that they were first released by Japan on November 12, 1944 and the first in a city of California in the month of May in 1945. Was seen

In January 1945, some army personnel should explain the attack in Origen, after this, after seeing the debris of the attack, it was proved that the Japanese balloons were behind these people.

One of the 6 people who died of a balloon explosion was a pregnant woman. The 6 men had gone for a picnic in the city of Balai and accidentally suppressed his activity after seeing that balloon and the balloon burst which killed six of them, in which the church clergy and his pregnant wife and 4 children were killed. went .

Until 1982, this case of water balloons was the largest inside ocean attack in the war conducted during the war. Auckland was attacked by the United Kingdom

For many years, the US government did not make the information related to this attack public, after that all those things appeared in the media related to the gestures and historians wrote a lot about this attack and the government in different areas of the country.

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