What Is Land Pollution? Source Of Land Pollution.

 What Is Land Pollution?

What Is Land Pollution? Source Of Land Pollution.

Soil and land are the most important and valuable resources of the world because about 71% of the world's food material is obtained from the soil itself and this resource is also very important because the world has about 2% fate of the entire earth's land. It is arable land where it can be cultivated, about 70% of the population of our country resides in the village where the main capital formation means agriculture.

To protect the grains in crops, how much more fungicidal chemicals we use in the fields which not only make the land fertile but also make the land toxic, which is the main source of land pollution.

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There is no system of sewage deposition in the village, so people immerse feces in the fields, which is the main source of diseases and diseases, that is why most of the population of our country is suffering from many types of diseases.

So with water, he goes into the water and causes water pollution, pollutes the water, which dries up the crop, the goodness of the goodbyes, and the production capacity of the land is also greatly damaged in India. In some states of the country, rainfall is very less in these places, along with agriculture, animal feed continues.

Along with agriculture, there is also the task of grazing animals in areas where there is not much treatment of land, due to soil loss and erosion at a rapid pace, which is constantly increasing the problem of land pollution.

 Definition or source of land pollution

Land pollution Soil pollution is increasing very rapidly due to the optimum use of air-water fertilizers and pesticides present in air so2 i.e. sulphur dioxide which comes to the ground with rain in the form of h2 so4 at the time of rain and soil. Polluted and brings the matter and increases soil pollution, in addition to soil, pieces of stone, coal, pieces of Eid, wood, paper, iron, plastic, cement, cement, waste, text peels, etc., the land gets polluted.

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Therefore, after such a change in the physicochemical and biological properties of the land, the land gets polluted and the polluted land shows its bad effect on humans and all other animals.

Or the usefulness of the land decreases and due to the change in its useful properties, it is called land pollution.

Sources of soil pollution

 There are mainly two types of sources of soil pollution that cause soil pollution.

A physical source. Waste materials and garbage waste o relief and other industrial wastes generated by the general population by the society population pollute the land when they go to the land. The following are some sources of pollution-

 Garbage Crate

Typical food items of the market Garbage Datti Wooden Cans Plastic Blankets Leather Rubber Lead etc.
 Nisar - Metal Etin Cans Bottle Metal Porcelain Pot etc.

Garbage and agricultural waste of waste dead animal road on the construction of ash and falling buildings.

Coal wood khadi ash eta stone dust etc. small animal cat, dog, chicken's dead bodies, and large animal cow, buffalo, goat memories from drains dirt and leaves from manure, and crop activity.

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 Special waste medical-related radioactive waste.

2. Chemical source

Nowadays, to get maximum yield from the land, how many types of fungicide chemicals are used to kill many types of the former class of manures and insects and some plant hormones are also used in our land. Pollute and make them toxic

Urea calcium superphosphate etc. is commonly used as fertilizer which pollutes our land over time.

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 Different types of fertilizers are used in different parts of the country depending on the type of crops and soils, due to which more or less nitrogen or phosphorus or ammonia or sulfate elephants are found in the soil of the region, such as in North India region. Soils of the states are found to have less or more quantity of nitrogen phosphorus ammonia sulfate etc.

 By using half nitrogen potassium and phosphorus fertilizers, their level in the soil increases significantly, so that the balance of properties present in the soil is disturbed.

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 Pesticides and fungicides are used by many types of toxic chemicals. When a pesticide chemical is used in crops, those chemicals have a very harmful effect on the feet of crops.

Some other pesticides are also used such as Aldreen,, Indreen, Dryaldreen, B.H.C, Heptaclore, and Toxafinn.

Some pesticides persist in soil for about 20 to 25 years.

 Due to excessive use of pesticides, the amount of chloride in the soil increases greatly due to this, some bacteria present in the soil is eliminated, due to these pesticides, some organisms present in the soil and water are also killed, which causes great harm.

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 How many scores of rainwater flows, and how much score is taken into the sea, which also pollutes the seawater, which destroys aquatic organisms.

Weed destroyer is used to destroy bushes, grass shows small plants, use them in dormant conditions of plants and use mercury compounds as a fungicide.

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