PUBG Mobile Banned In India.

PUBG Mobile Banned In India.

PUBG Mobile was blocked by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India from 2 September due to which PUBG was removed from the Play Store and App Store in India, but the PUBG Original, which was downloaded on the phone, was released to PUBG Mobile. PUBG was able to enjoy and was able to enjoy in public.

But now it has been officially confirmed that PUBG Mobile will not run in India, PUBG has been blocked at the Server level, so that PUBG Mobile was already installed in the phone where PUBG Mobile will no longer run and Server Busy will tell.

Tencent and its official block post, which is the official company of PUBG Mobile, states that if you have been blocked at PUBG Server level, and the official page of Facebook of Mobile G Mobile has also been mentioned or PUBG will no longer work in Mobile India.

 This means that PUBG Mobile India is completely different from what the Chinese company was, and all the services of Tension will be closed in India. But when the PUBG mobile was banned on September 2 in the beginning, it was only removed from the play store and app store in it, at that time the sister of Server level was done by her but Server level has been banned.

 But now it has been confirmed that PUBG Mobile will be removed in the coming time and now Server is busy doing show in PUBG Mobile i.e. The PUBG Mobile which is banned. PUBG Mobile have been banned at the Server level.

 Till now, what used to be PUBG MOBILE India used to operate all the best of its Tencent games which is a Chinese company and this also threatened our ID auditor, but right now the PUBG company which is the main company of PUBG Mobile has gone all rights which is PUBG Corporation and Bluehole, they have gone all the rights to Blue Hole.

This means that what was just PUBG Mobile was completely removed in India. It means that the tension company of you, which Chinese used to do PUBG Mobile India Corporate, will not be seen again in India.

 And it is being told by the Ministry of Technology and Information that PUBG Mobile India was banned because it reduced the security of our data and ID. The Chinese company had all access to our ID and data.

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