The Best Spider Man Movie: Ranking All The Spider Man Movies (And Other Superheroes)


The Best Spider Man Movie: Ranking All The Spider Man Movies (And Other Superheroes)

The Best Spider Man Movie: Ranking All The Spider Man Movies (And Other Superheroes)
The Best Spider Man Movie: Ranking All The Spider Man Movies (And Other Superheroes)

Section 1: Spider Man Movie Ranking

1. Spider Man (2002)

The first Spider Man movie is a critical and financial success, grossing over $852 million dollars worldwide and earning numerous nominations for an Oscar and other awards. The movie’s success paved the way for three other movies and movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The story of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is told through various different views and perspectives in the story of his life. At first, Spider Man becomes a reluctant superhero, finding his place in the world and wrestling with being Spider Man as he attempts to balance his life between being Spider Man and being a high school senior.

As he begins to integrate into a normal world, Spider Man’s personal life begins to fall apart.

Spider Man's Powers

Spider Man has a variety of powers including superhuman strength, the ability to web-shoot and web-swing, and an enhanced intellect. He can shoot advanced laser blasts and numerous anti-air weapons.

His Steel/Pipe Spider-Man Costume

Spider Man's costume is composed of blue and red plaid, black and silver protective padding, and eight spider-like metallic spider-traps.

Spider Man's Spider Sting

Spider Man has a retractable steel stinger attached to his arm, which he can use to paralyze his enemies, or even rip them in half (a common theme in his adventures). In the comics, SSpider Mans stinger is a true retractable weapon, with the ability to track and isolate its target using its own accelerometer.

Spider Man Vs. Captain America

The Captain America and Spider Man met when Spider Man was fighting the Green Goblin and was knocked off a building into the path of Captain America, who had heard the commotion.

In the Marvel Movie, Spider Man tricks Captain America into a corny war dance that would make Bill Clinton blush.

But then Captain America breaks out his shield and slams Spider Mann into the ground (in a super hero move, he then steps away and the boy jumps back up. Captain America's never one to waste effort), scaring the kid enough that he escapes.

He then taunts Spider Man, calling him an Uncle Tom, until the kid runs off.

The next time the two meet, Spider Manreveals himself to be Peter Parker, and Captain America seems to be just as surprised as we are.

The Greatest Spider Man Moments


Jared Padalecki

The Mayor Of Hellfire: I love Jared Padalecki for many reasons. I love him for portraying Sam Winchester on Supernatural (a TV show about a creepy serial killer who tracks down teen girls to kill them and enjoy eating their brains) on a television network. And, I love him for playing David Ramsey on the TV series Supernatural, and for starring in and directing the 2004 comedy horror horror film Cabin Boy (which I loved despite the film’s reputation and reception in Hollywood.) But, I love him most for playing Dean, the heartwarming, simple-hearted son and brother of the Winchesters, on a TV network. He’s like the perfect version of what an anti-hero should be. He does whatever it takes to ensure the safety and happiness of those he loves.

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